Alessia Giardino

Concrete Tableware

Transforming surface treatment into decorative objects for the table.

Concrete Tableware is a multifunctional collection of decorative centerpieces, for the tables, or the walls, when they are put back on the shelves.

A vibrant and dynamic selection, whose shapes and unique textures creates a scenic backdrop for food display, while infusing dining experience with synestetic opulence.

The decoration of each piece is uniquely achieved by stretching concrete to the limit. Marbled, brushed, and washed away, it is contemplated as drawing inks while haptic quality are defined exploring the curious relationship between food texture and colors, and tableware.

A collection of sensorial appetizer, to stimulate the overall food experience, and contribute to enhance its amusement.

concrete_tableware table 02 table 03 concrete_tableware-02 concrete_tableware-04 concrete_tableware-05 concrete_tableware-06


Dutch Design Week, Klogebouw

Hall 3.29 18-26 October 2014, Eindhoven

The Ordinary Takeover